Changelog for sprints

Sprint: 9 [ 01-05-2023 ]

  1. Reinforz now lets you search for groups right from the global search bar! 🌟 Connect and collaborate effortlessly!
  2. 🌸 We now generate Bloom's Taxonomy-based descriptive questions. Starting with Remember, Apply, and Evaluate types and expanding to all six soon!
  3. Reinforz now generates all SIX types of descriptive questions based on Bloom's Taxonomy!
  4. We're thrilled to announce that Reinforz is now using Chat GPT for our snippet assessments!
  5. We've added Multiple-select questions to Reinforz! Enhance your quizzes with this new feature and create an even better learning experience!
  6. Reinforz now lets you export quizzes in Markdown and Docx formats! πŸ“ƒ Get ready to enjoy a seamless experience with our latest update.
  7. You can now choose which addons to export with your quiz at Reinforz! Tailor your quiz experience to meet your needs!
  8. We now save your favorite quiz export settings! Exporting your quizzes with your preferred settings is now just a couple of clicks away!
  9. Elevate your learning experience with our latest feature: now you can request a role in a group. 🎯
      1. Test your knowledge about the human digestive system! 🍏πŸ’ͺ🏻 Our new quiz on Reinforz is a fun way to understand how your body processes food for energy, growth, and cell repair.
      2. PEFT: Parameter-Efficient Fine-Tuning of Billion-Scale Models on Low-Resource Hardware

      Sprint: 8 [ 16-04-2023 ]

      1. Our multiple-choice assessments now use Chat GPT technology, leading to much-improved MCQs!
      2. We're excited to announce that we've implemented Chat GPT-powered fill-in-the-blanks assessment generation! πŸ“–
      3. We've integrated Chat GPT into our True/False assessment generation, significantly improving question quality!
      4. We're thrilled to announce that Reinforz is now using Chat GPT for our snippet assessments!
      5. We're excited to announce that our alternate question generation is now Chat GPT-powered!
      6. We're thrilled Reinforz's descriptive assessment generation is now Chat GPT-powered!
      7. We've made it super easy to export your quizzes and questions into PDFs directly on Reinforz! πŸ“„
      1. We've improved your mobile quiz experience by hiding some non-essential question details! 🎯
      2. We've resolved the question generation issue, and now everything works smoothly! 🧩
      3. We listened to your feedback and fixed an issue that stopped you from removing your role in a quiz as an editor.
      1. You can now edit your questions with ease! Just click on the question icon, make your changes, and all following games will use the updated version!πŸ”§
      1. Explore the fascinating world of dinosaur metabolism with our latest Reinforz quiz.🧬

      Sprint: 7 [ 01-04-2023 ]

      1. We can now create a group to collaborate with other users for your various tasks!
      2. We have added two modes for our question editor, basic and advanced. We hide all the extra and advanced features in basic mode, such as adding explanation to an answer, whereas in advanced mode, every knob is visible to help you create the perfect question.
      3. We now recommed suitable users for you to follow!
      4. We have released a new feature! You will now be prompted to complete some onboarding tasks on login. The information you provide will us tune recommendations for you emmensely!
      5. View the explanation for an option by clicking on the ❓icon. It will show why the option is correct/incorrect.
      6. You can now add a suitable explanation for your options. It will be displayed on the report page to assist the learner in comprehending why the option was correct or incorrect. With this update, we are aware that the UI is getting cluttered, but we will be rolling out an improved version of our quiz editor very soon, so stay tuned.
        1. We have revamped our UI to fetch more items as you scroll rather than clicking on the 'Load more' button.
        1. Can mice grow antlers? Take this quiz and discover how Chinese scientists successfully transplanted deer genes onto mice to grow 'mini-antlers' and what this discovery means for the future of regenerative medicine.

        2. This informative quiz will teach you how to attack and secure your Docker containers.

        3. Take this quiz to challenge yourself and gain a deeper understanding of drugs, medications, APIs, and natural sources of medications. With each question, you'll uncover new knowledge and insights into the fascinating world of pharmaceutical science.

        Sprint: 6 [ 18-02-2023 ]

        1. You can now generate questions from a markdown file! Upload your file under the 'generate questions' section and let our platform do the rest!
        2. You can now choose which questions you want in your quiz on Reinforz! Click on the filter button in-game settings and customize your quiz!
        3. Now, you can share your Reinforz quizzes with just a few clicks! Click the share button on your quiz page and share it on your favourite social media platform!
        4. With our new update, you can now generate questions from text files!
        5. Our latest update lets you generate questions from public Notion pages! Paste your link and let our AI work its magic!
        6. Reinforz now supports generating questions from PDF files! Let our AI assist you in generating questions quickly and easily - upload your PDF file under generate questions!
          1. Our user interface just got an upgrade! With informative messages and captivating illustrations, you'll enjoy navigating through Reinforz even more!
          1. Try Reinforz's Schema validation quiz and put your knowledge to the test!

          2. Are you a student or educator interested in pharmacology and drug safety? Reinforz's educational quiz can help you improve your knowledge.


          Sprint: 5 [ 11-02-2023 ]

          1. 🎨 Our notification window now boasts a cleaner and more beautiful design, making it more user-friendly. Try it out now!
          2. We've made it even easier for you to stay on top of your notifications with our latest update on Reinforz! πŸ”” Now you can see all your notifications, both read and unread, in one place! πŸ“Š
          3. You can now tell us your area of interest while signing up on Reinforz. Whether it's science, engineering, or anything in between, we're here to help you learn and grow!
          4. You can now pick up where you left off in your Reinforz games with our latest update Simply head over to the 'Games' tab on your home page and click the 'Resume game' button to jump back into the action.
          1. Discover the most popular quiz tags! We now show you the top 3 quiz tags on the explore page and the number of quizzes with those tags. Start exploring now!
          1. We've added a new feature on Reinforz - a redirect that takes you to the report page right after completing a game! Now, you can track your progress even more efficiently.
          1. Take our latest quiz based on a fantastic article about React's rendering behavior! Test your knowledge now!


          Sprint: 4 [ 04-02-2023 ]

          1. Keep track of your progress! Check the number of quizzes played each day of the week under the Plays tab in Stats.
          2. Keep the fun going! You can now see the games you haven't completed on Reinforz and excited to bring you the feature to resume those games from where you left off. Stay tuned πŸ”œ
          3. We're excited to announce a game-changing update! With our new descriptive question evaluation support, you can test how well you think critically and analyze things. Match the central theme of the reference answer to get a higher score.
          4. Stay on top of your game with our latest update! πŸ’ͺ Now you can track your progress with ease. πŸ“ˆ Get quick access to critical stats about your uncompleted games, including correct/incorrect answers, total questions, and the last time you played. Get ready to crush your goals!
          5. Revolutionizing the way we learn! Now you can generate questions from any link with ease. While our extraction is top-notch, there may be some hiccups. No worries, we're constantly working to improve it.
            1. Hey Learners & Educators! We've got some exciting news! You can now easily update your area of interest from your account settings. This will help us recommend you content even better πŸš€
            1. Take our "The Water Cycle" quiz and learn about the water cycle, conservation, and more!

            2. Brush up on your #MachineLearning skills with our latest quiz! Test your knowledge of algorithms and see where you stand.

            3. Get a deeper understanding of the leading cause of death with our latest update! πŸ’‘ Get to know the factors responsible for the leading cause of death. Don't just read the facts; understand them. Get started now!


            Sprint: 3 [ 28-01-2023 ]

            1. Introducing your new home page! 🏠 We've worked hard to make sure that it's packed with all the information you need to make the most out of your Reinforz account.
            2. πŸ’» Our sidebar can now be expanded by clicking on the hamburger menu πŸ” Easy navigation, more space, and more focus on what matters to you! 🎯
            3. Now, you can easily include the source of your quiz in the quiz editor. This will not only help others understand where your quizzes come from but also help us give you better recommendations and collaboration features.
            4. Our latest update lets you view your follower growth on your home page. Simply navigate to the 'Followers' tab in the Stats section πŸ“Š
            1. We've fixed a pesky bug that was affecting trending quiz results. Now you'll get even better insights with accurate trending quizzes! πŸ’»πŸ“Š
            1. Our homepage is now even more accessible! πŸ’» We've now organized all the sections inside their own tabs for easy navigation and a better user experience.
            2. πŸ”§ We've added tooltips to our icons! πŸ’‘ Hover over any of the icons to see a tooltip with the feature's name.

            Sprint: 2 [ 21-01-2023 ]

            1. We've added a new keyboard shortcut that makes it even easier for you to find what you're looking for on our platform. In addition to pressing ctrl/⌘ + P, you can now also use ctrl + K to quickly access the search bar.πŸ”
            2. We've just added a new global sidebar to our platform, which gives you quick and easy access to all of our features in a beautiful strip of icons.πŸ” Whether you're looking to access your dashboard, search for content, or explore our library, you can now do it all from one convenient location.
            3. We've just added a new section on your homepage called 'Trending' where you'll be able to see the most popular quizzes of the week. πŸ“ˆ Stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest content on our platform and never miss a trending quiz again! πŸ”
            4. Our global search bar is now more responsive than ever before. With just a simple press of the search icon on the drawer, you'll be able to access the search bar in a modal, making it even more convenient for you to find the content you need! πŸ”
            5. We've just made an update to our stats section, and now it's always visible right on your home page! πŸ“Š No more navigating through menus to find it. Now you can easily keep track of your progress and see how far you've come! Don't forget to check it out and let us know what you think! πŸ€”
            1. We've fixed a bug that was including private users, quizzes, and collections in global search results. Now, you'll only see and be able to access public ones.πŸ”
            1. We've updated the layout of the recommendation feed on your homepage making it even easier for you to discover new and relevant content.

            Sprint: 1 [ 14-01-2023 ]

            1. Trending quizzes are now shown based on duration. Get daily, weekly, monthly, and all-time trending quizzes by clicking on the corresponding tab!
            2. Searching just got easier. We have added a global search bar. This is where you can search for users and quizzes.
            3. You can now generate questions from any Hashnode article! Just copy and paste the article link and watch the magic happen!
            4. We now support collection in the global search bar. Now besides users and quizzes, you can also search collections as well.
            5. Our latest update now allows you to easily view your past three reports right on the homepage. And if you want to see all of your reports, just hit the 'See all' button! This update is all about making it even easier for you to stay on top of your progress.
              1. We improved the Hashnode article support feature again! The quiz image link will be populated automatically while trying to create one from a Hashnode article πŸ—’οΈ now!
              2. We have updated the layout of the global leaderboard you see on your homepage to be more readable.