The Story of Reinforz

We are four friends, all of us completing our undergraduate, studying different majors but united by a common frustration with the current education system. It felt like the tools that we needed to truly understand and retain our materials were totally absent, even after scouring through the whole internet. And we weren't alone. Our classmates felt the same way.

One day, while discussing our frustrations over lunch, an idea struck us. We decided to take matters into our own hands. We were going to create an AI Powered product that would replace the current process of self-assessment. Initially we went on a small scale with the dream of just using it ourselves, but after finding out the potential of such a system we decided to take on the bold initiative of forming our own ed-tech startup that would provide students with powerful AI-generated questions and resources to support learning and understanding.

We also wanted to create a platform where students could collaborate with each other and assess their own understanding of the material. And so, with a fire in our hearts and a determination to change the way the world learns, we got to work. Months of hard work and dedication went into developing our idea. But, finally, we launched our startup - Reinforz, inspired by the word reinforce, as we believed our product would help people reinforce their learning.

Join us on our mission to change the way the world learns.